DRS - SUpper

DRS – SUpper is a mini PHP code which allows you to infect other php files to get an special command from your own server and execute it on other peoples hosts. Enjoy!

Get the script….

For example, you can append this code to the end of a WordPress plugin and put the infected plugin on your site for download. After installing the infected plugin by a user, a code will be executed on the victim’s host that will put an uploader script on it. Then you will be able to use this script to upload whatever your want on the victim’s server, such as shell scripts, which allows you to take a full control over it!

More information and the Instructions are included in the Readme.txt.

Update v1.2-b

  • Minor: fixed Ajax messages time-out.
  • Minor: fixed ajax log in config.

Update v1.2-a

  • Minor: fixed Ajax messages color.
  • Minot: Server links now open in a new tab.

Update v1.2

  • Improved Admin Panel log in Security.
  • The infected servers are logged once.
  • Added ability to remove disabled servers.
  • Using Ajax for a more easy panel.
  • A new skin is designed and icons are put for each part.

Update v1.1-a

  • Minor: admin.php is updated to fix using default values for the variables.

Update v1.1

  • Added Admin’s panel password changing support
  • Admin’s Panel in now more secure
  • New Graphic User-Interface
  • Small bug Fixes

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