Flowchart: Calculate Power [Persian]

This flowchart explains how to calculate natural powers of a number, using consecutive multiplying of the number into itself.

There is also a complete flowchart (you can see below) which is designed to calculate negative zero, and positive powers of a number.
For more information, you can visit the PowerPoint slides here.
(Please note that the slides are in Persian. Contact me for an English version.)

All of the flowcharts are designed exclusively by me.

RandyCoder Encoding Tool

RandyCoder is a JavaScript encryption tool which lets you encode your codes easily.
This safe and exclusive algorithm makes decryption very hard for decoders.

Unlike other similar tools, RandyCoder’s algorithm has several key features, like making your source code completely hidden and prevent the output being uselessly large.
This tool also lets you modify all of the encoding’s config, and customize the output code. This feature is hardly seen for other tools.
All of the configurations are tested and the generated codes will work on all of known browsers (IE6+, FF, Chrome, …).
Please note that nothing can totally prevent scripts decryption, but you can make it hard by using professional tools.

« Click here to enter RandyCoder! »

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New Domain

I’ve moved my blog content to a new domain! Last Week I noticed that my old domain (Refoua.tk) was expired for no reason.
Unfortunately, in addition to using this domain for my e-mail address, all of my projects and accounts contained this domain.

A few days ago I registered the new domain (Refoua.me) and moved all of my contents here from the old web host.

I think all I can do now is changing the old address at any projects and accounts I’ve ever made and registered.

Click here to enter my blog

هفته‌ی پیش متوجه شدم که دامین قبلی من (Refoua.tk) بدون هیچ دلیلی حذف شده!
متأسفانه جدا از اینکه از این دامنه برای ایمیل خودم استفاده می‌کردم، تمامی پروژه‌ها و حساب‌های کاربری من شامل این دامنه بودند!

چند روز پیش دامین جدید (Refoua.me) رو ثبت کردم و اطلاعات هاست قبلی رو به اینجا منتقل کردم.
راستی، me. به معنای من در زبان انگلیسی هست!

فکر کنم تنها کاری که میتونم الآن انجام بدم، تغییر آدرس قبلی توی همه‌ی پروژه‌ها و اکانت‌هایی هست که تابه‌حال ثبت کردم!

ورود به وبلاگ من



X-plore is one of the best and the most complete file managers for android devices, with wide range of functions.
With its easy and beautiful user-interface, both advanced users and newbies can use this powerful app to Copy, Move, Rename and Delete Files, Folders, compressed archives and even manage other Apps.

I have translated the official Persian Language for X-plore, which can be enabled in the Configuration menu


Android app on Google Play


Theme Update

I’m working a bit on blog’s CSS to make a new look for 2014. I was bored of the old style!
This theme is based on one of WordPress original themes, but I’ve changed some of its structures and designs.

I hope you like the new skin better.

DRS – SUpper

DRS - SUpper

DRS – SUpper is a mini PHP code which allows you to infect other php files to get an special command from your own server and execute it on other peoples hosts. Enjoy!

Get the script….

For example, you can append this code to the end of a WordPress plugin and put the infected plugin on your site for download. After installing the infected plugin by a user, a code will be executed on the victim’s host that will put an uploader script on it. Then you will be able to use this script to upload whatever your want on the victim’s server, such as shell scripts, which allows you to take a full control over it!

More information and the Instructions are included in the Readme.txt.

Update v1.2-b

  • Minor: fixed Ajax messages time-out.
  • Minor: fixed ajax log in config.

Update v1.2-a

  • Minor: fixed Ajax messages color.
  • Minot: Server links now open in a new tab.

Update v1.2

  • Improved Admin Panel log in Security.
  • The infected servers are logged once.
  • Added ability to remove disabled servers.
  • Using Ajax for a more easy panel.
  • A new skin is designed and icons are put for each part.

Update v1.1-a

  • Minor: admin.php is updated to fix using default values for the variables.

Update v1.1

  • Added Admin’s panel password changing support
  • Admin’s Panel in now more secure
  • New Graphic User-Interface
  • Small bug Fixes

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Wisebit Locker


WiseBit Locker v1.0 beta
The smartest solution for file encryption on the fly!

Using this useful app, you can encrypt your important files. With its exclusive algorithm, it’s able to combine two input strings (The Cipher Key and your file) bit-by-bit and create a binary output file.

This algorithm works based on XOR or (Exclusive Or) operator which has two key advantages:

  1. You can both encrypt and decode your file at the same time, using the same function.
  2. Technically due to its inherent, it’s practically impossible to recover the file without the proper Cipher Key.

The security operation has been also improved by using this exclusive algorithm.

Embedding source in your own app:
You can use this app for Private-Key Encryption Classes, although it’s not much recommended to directly use it for Public-Key Encryption Classes due to the high factor of its security; However you can embed it for creating salts.
Also, using the source code you can have a Real-time Encryption over your files.

Wisebit-Locker Click here to download the app…

Attention: The 1.1 version does not support decryption of the files encoded by the 1.0 version.

Note: This program is currently command-line and published only for Microsoft Windows. The GUI and support for other OSes will be added in the future.


The GUI will be available in the next version.

This program source code is available in PHP, JavaScript, Python, VB and some other programming languages.
Please contact me if you want to use its source in your own scripts:

Changelog v1.1:

  • This version’s encryption algorithm is more advanced and designed to prevent file decryption with similar passwords.
    (Unfortunately as a side effect, this reduces the encryption process speed.
  • Minor code modifications, some of the parts are changed.

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As you know, some of the scripts on a webpage may be encoded in so one can not directly edit or copy it. Therefore, you may need a tool to decode these encrypted scripts.

JSDecodeR is a fast and powerful tool which helps you decoding encrypted, packed and obfuscated JavaScripts codes! This tool is designed to decode most of these scripts, even if they are encoded several times and by multiple encoding tools.

« Click here to open the JSDecodeR! »

If you have any probelms or questions about the app, please visit the full article.

WARNING: This tool has to execute every script in the browser in order to decode it! If you think that the code could be dangerous, please use other similar tools which are provided in the full article.


This script is also available and hosted by: SourceForge Project’s Link
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App Museum

I have put here an archive of my old apps, which were created between 2005-2010. I’ve written most of them just for fun.

Please click here to browse my codes:
App Museum Files

Apps List:

JSnake Game Script

This is the classic Snake game which I’ve written using JavaScript ans some CSS3 for the designing.

Easy to personalize, theme design, internal code, and easy to play!

JSnake Main page

Demo – Play Now!

Any features can be added just by some few lines!
Any skins could be used with the powerful CSS3!
Any how can be played, either in a touch device, keyboard, joy stick, mouse, kinect, gyroscope, whatever. (Of course it needs external software.)

JSnake User Play

Tested and works in almost any browser.

Although The CSSes are written for webkit browsers (Chrome and Safari) at the moment.

More features will be add and bugs will be resolved soon in the future.

JSnake in demo mode

Map Design and Block types Help:
You can create a map using the Map Design toolbox. To do this, simply click on the block type you want to add, then click on the empty space you want to add the block.
Ctrl + Click will force the space to become that block type.
Double click will activate smart play. The snake will be automatically leaded to that point.

Types of Blocks:
Seed (Glowing green):
Gives the snake score and Increases the length.
Potion (Glowing pink): Can be defined to give Snake a super power, like crossing the blocks, or flashing the screen. Take a look at the source, It’s up to you.
Normal Block (Yellow): Avoid this kind of blocks. Game over is guaranteed!
Detour1 and Detour2 (Cyan): Forces the snake to turn around in a different direction.
Reverse (Purple): Replaces the snake’s head and butt.
Teleport (Blue): Transfers snake to another teleport station. Use two of this block type in your map.
Switch (Green or Red): Switches something on or off. For example, can hide Normal blocks temporarily.

After designing the map, you can generate a code for each type of block. Once again, click on the desired type into the toolbox, and then press “Generate Map”. Copy the code into a blank notepad file and do this for each of block types.

Download the source code

Contact me if you have any questions or suggestions!


This script is also available and hosted by: SourceForge Project’s Link | Your Javascript Source
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Setting up the New Weblog

This is the first post on my new personal weblog!
Due to the scattering of my websites on the net, I decided to register a new domain named refoua.tk in order to manage all of my websites and weblogs.
Hereafter, all of my contents in other old websites and weblogs will be moved here gradually.

DRS Day Countdown Default Theme Demo

Day Counter Script

MicroCounter-ENMicroCounter Script
v1.1 – fixed a bug which caused ignoring units and miscalculating.

This script is based on the below code. The main structures have been improved and various new features is supported. Also, new themes have been added.


DRS Day Countdown Default Theme Demo

Day Countdown and Count up Script

This script calculates the exact difference between the current day and the Target day which you have entered.
You can use this script both as a Day Countdown and a Normal Counter wherever you like.

The demo of this script is available here:

No new updates will be available for this script possibly. The MicroCounter Script will be at the development instead.


  • Countdown and Count up
  • Ability to calculate Years, Months, Weeks, Days, Hours, Minutes ans Seconds individually
  • Calculating the seconds completely correct without any delays
  • Ability to use a Server’s time instead of the client’s time
  • Cool default theme designs
  • Easy CSS Designing for the styles
  • Ability to define blinking mode style when changing the numbers
  • Easy to use in frames
  • and much more features by using desired Plug-ins.

Note: Although this script is compatible with JS Libraries such as jQuery, but it is not required to load these libraries in order to just use the script. Therefore, the total size of the script is less than a few kilobytes.

Some of the predefined themes:
(Click to open a demo of them)

Mini Counter

Circular Calculate

Seven Segments LCD

Glass Theme

Please Send me an email,
If you have any questions or trouble how to personalize this script.

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Smart Ads Remover Script

NoAds-DRSSurely enough, you have noticed how lame and annoying some ads on the net are.
These adverts usually waste a lot of space on your screen; and they can be hardly useful for you, right? One of the problems of free host users is these useless adverts.
So I decided to write an efficient and useful code to remove these adverts. This code allows you to prevent the ads to open on your blog or website. The script analyzes the web page for the possible places of adverts using the smart ad-scanning algorithm I’ve included in the main source, and make all of the found objects hidden. That way, it covers most of the service providers.Attention: You are the one who is responsible for using this code!

« If you change even a small bit of the code, It won’t work! »

Get the Ads Remover Script:
Download Ads Remover Script

If this script is not correctly supported by your service provider or if you have any problem adding it, please don’t hesitate to contact me at my e-mail address: David@Refoua.me

Features: Unlike other similar scripts, this one has these features:

(Note: the * marked items are still in beta testing process and will be added to the future stable versions)

  1. Supports almost any websites and weblogs with just this code.
  2. * Ability to change the ads content, timing, position, theme and other options.
  3. * Ability to ask the user whether he/she wants each advert to open or not. (and respect to the service providers and users.)
  4. No need to jQuery or any other libraries, which means less size and more compatibility
  5. Finding the exact advert by its name, address, content, size, and position of it.
  6. Quick remove, and preventing of re-opening until the page is open.

Update: V 1.5.1 Released

  • Fixed a possible mistaken WordPress link
  • Code now removes ads instantly due to changing tracker script’s behavior

Update: V 1.5.0 Released

  • Embedded the extra CSS styles into the source code to be sure the ads will be removed
  • Fixed Blogfa Prevention problem
  • Fixed very Minor Bugs

Update: V 1.4.0 Released

  • Also searching in href and id, in addition to classes
  • Added Ability to define ads keywords
  • Fixed RozBlog removing ads problem
  • Now adding styles directly in addition to class names
  • In Re-Packaged mode: Removed CSS styles. (You can still add them manually.)
  • Fixed Minor Bugs

Update: V 1.3.0 Released

  • Support for many new Service Providers
  • Added Ability to close the Ads in only the desired domains
  • Added Ability to put a delay before closing the Ads (To prevent Account Suspension)
  • Added Ability to chose which Ads not to close (in case you are using your own ads)
  • Fixed removing non-ads sidebars mistakenly in some cases.
  • Fixed Rozblog not closing the Ads problem
  • Code cleaned and have made simpler
  • More speed at finding the Ads and closing them

Update: V 1.2.1 Released

  • Support for Chata Service Provider

Update: V 1.2 Released

  • Supporting more service providers
  • Cleaned up a bit, it’s now more clear to read the source
  • Added Ability to find the advert from its dimensions
  • Total preventing of opening any new ads all the time
  • Fixed some minor bugs

Update: V 1.1 Released

  • Fixed some bugs
  • More providers support
  • Clean Up

Project: V 1.0 Released

  • Initial Project released, only supporting Blogfa

** The version 2.0 will be released for public access soon. **

Source Code: The source code is available at GPL license here: Get the No Ads, Please! Source

Note: Recently, I’ve seen some useless people steal my work and put their names instead of mine. Also, some of them are selling my codes to clueless people!
Please note that this code in written only by DRS David Soft, and not anybody else.
Also, I declare this code is for free. You should NOT pay any fee to get this code!

All of the copyright violations are extremely prohibited and they will be punished under the law. For more information, please click here

I kindly ask you not to steal my codes.

Please do NOT copy this page on your blog/website!

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