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I’m David Refoua, currently [loading] years old, and usually called Dave by my friends.

I began playing with computers since I was six and wrote my first simple program in Pascal to calculate the average when I was nine.

I’m a full-stack developer, and programming is both my job and hobby. I’ve worked as a website designer, and have always been interested in the field of electronics.

I’m currently got a job as a software engineering position in my company, and I dabble in many open-source projects in my free time.

I enjoy doing things and learning new technologies. Outside of working with computers, I also enjoy playing the piano, designing new UI/UX ideas, and drawing sketches. I read stuff almost on a daily basis, and novels are my favorite. I used to do a lot of writing original stories, fanfics, but these days I don’t have the time.

I spend my free time watching sci-fi movies, animations and playing video games. Mystery novels are my favorite.

Cofee and music are two inseparable elements of my daily life, and I pretty much cannot function without them.

One day I’d like to travel the world, to find new places and explore them.

I love pizza & grilled food, kebab, and steak. Food is one of my favorite subjects to talk about!

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