All of my works are licensed under GNU Public License (GPL) v3.

You may use my codes, modify them as you want, and publish them
as long as you keep the rightful owners name,
and publish them under GPL as well.

You are NOT allowed to removed my name from any of my codes,
replace your name instead of mine in my codes,
or claim that you have written my code.

My name should be visible and readable clearly in all of my codes, projects, etc., and you must NOT add your name / any other name / any other URLs than my domains to my codes and creations.

Mirroring / hosting my files on your own or anyone else’s server without my permission is extremely prohibited.
Unauthorized copying (“ripping”) themes and templates designed by me is also prohibited.

Obfuscation, Encryption, Encoding, Re-packaging, and Compressing of my codes and/or providing them to any third-party is also prohibited.

Please play fair!

You can use my works for free, but any donations are gladly welcome!

All of my works are protected with the US law.
Any violation of the laws is prohibited.

Your usage of my website / weblog shows your agreement to these terms.
The rules can be changed, added or removed at any time.

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