Flowchart: Calculate Power [Persian]

This flowchart explains how to calculate natural powers of a number, using consecutive multiplying of the number into itself.

There is also a complete flowchart (you can see below) which is designed to calculate negative zero, and positive powers of a number.
For more information, you can visit the PowerPoint slides here.
(Please note that the slides are in Persian. Contact me for an English version.)

All of the flowcharts are designed exclusively by me.

RandyCoder Encoding Tool

RandyCoder is a JavaScript encryption tool which lets you encode your codes easily.
This safe and exclusive algorithm makes decryption very hard for decoders.

Unlike other similar tools, RandyCoder’s algorithm has several key features, like making your source code completely hidden and prevent the output being uselessly large.
This tool also lets you modify all of the encoding’s config, and customize the output code. This feature is hardly seen for other tools.
All of the configurations are tested and the generated codes will work on all of known browsers (IE6+, FF, Chrome, …).
Please note that nothing can totally prevent scripts decryption, but you can make it hard by using professional tools.

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