Wisebit Locker


WiseBit Locker v1.0 beta
The smartest solution for file encryption on the fly!

Using this useful app, you can encrypt your important files. With its exclusive algorithm, it’s able to combine two input strings (The Cipher Key and your file) bit-by-bit and create a binary output file.

This algorithm works based on XOR or (Exclusive Or) operator which has two key advantages:

  1. You can both encrypt and decode your file at the same time, using the same function.
  2. Technically due to its inherent, it’s practically impossible to recover the file without the proper Cipher Key.

The security operation has been also improved by using this exclusive algorithm.

Embedding source in your own app:
You can use this app for Private-Key Encryption Classes, although it’s not much recommended to directly use it for Public-Key Encryption Classes due to the high factor of its security; However you can embed it for creating salts.
Also, using the source code you can have a Real-time Encryption over your files.

Wisebit-Locker Click here to download the app…

Attention: The 1.1 version does not support decryption of the files encoded by the 1.0 version.

Note: This program is currently command-line and published only for Microsoft Windows. The GUI and support for other OSes will be added in the future.


The GUI will be available in the next version.

This program source code is available in PHP, JavaScript, Python, VB and some other programming languages.
Please contact me if you want to use its source in your own scripts:

Changelog v1.1:

  • This version’s encryption algorithm is more advanced and designed to prevent file decryption with similar passwords.
    (Unfortunately as a side effect, this reduces the encryption process speed.
  • Minor code modifications, some of the parts are changed.

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