As you know, some of the scripts on a webpage may be encoded in so one can not directly edit or copy it. Therefore, you may need a tool to decode these encrypted scripts.

JSDecodeR is a fast and powerful tool which helps you decoding encrypted, packed and obfuscated JavaScripts codes! This tool is designed to decode most of these scripts, even if they are encoded several times and by multiple encoding tools.

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If you have any probelms or questions about the app, please visit the full article.

WARNING: This tool has to execute every script in the browser in order to decode it! If you think that the code could be dangerous, please use other similar tools which are provided in the full article.


This script is also available and hosted by: SourceForge Project’s Link
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How does JSDecodeR works?
It’s a very simple method. By changing default operation of the functions eval and document.write, This tool saves all of the codes which are executed in each level and shows that to the user.

Why this tool executes the codes and why some of them could be dangerous?
This application is not able to detect the encrypted code’s decryptor functions; So this app retrieve and save the ran commands by executing them.
Therefore, an infected script can run  harmful commands in the main window. But you don’t need to be worried, because these commands have only permission of accessing the system resources which all of the other regular windows of your browser have. Also all outputs of functions such as document.write are shown to the user instead of being put on the page.
So there’s a little possibility that any problems would happen.

Is this application able to decode all of the scripts?
There’s no application which can decode 100% of all known scripts!
However, there’s no script which can 100% prevent being decoded!
I have tried to make JSDecodeR detect most of the famous and used encoding algorithms.

My code has decoded successfully, but it’s still scrambled.
That’s because the code’s programmer has compressed it by tools such as Packer.
You can use JSbeautifier tool in order to arrange and beautify the code after decoding it with my application.

Why doesn’t JSDecodeR run in IE?
That’s a very old browser and doesn’t run so many parts of my code correctly!
If you are a real and expert programmer, use better browsers like Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome!

Syntax Error Message
The given code has a coding syntax problem. Please remember to enter your code correctly, completely and without <scri‌pt> tag.

Disabled and Locked Message
The given code is locked by its owner in order to prevent decoding by this tool! I’m sorry, but the only thing you can do is using other tools. Of course you can do the below method backwards!

I don’t want that your tool decode my code!
To do this, you just need to place JSDecodeR’s lock tag in a variable, comment or any other form in a part of your code before encoding it. This is the lock tag: |JSDecodeR:LOCK|
After that, an error message will be shown to the user instead of decoding. (See above!)

My script wasn’t detected by JSDecodeR! What to do?
After checking above errors, please send your script to David@Refoua.me. Be sure that after analyzing your script, decoding it will be supported in the next versions of this app.

Can I introduce your application in my website?
Yes, absolutely!
Just remember not to remove my name and email from the code. (DRS David Soft — David@Refoua.me)
Also I’ll be glad to put your post’s link here if you send it.

JSDecodeR Similar tools
You can also use JSUnpack, which is rather highly more advanced than JSDecodeR.
Resemblance: both of these tools are open-source apps for analyzing JavaScript codes.
Difference: JSUnpack decodes the script without running it on the browser. But this requires sending it to the server and causes lowering speed. Also this tool’s UI is more suitable for developers and security researchers, but is a bit hard and confusing for regular users.
JSDecodeR runs the script in the browser therefore it has a lower security level. But its high speed is completely suitable for extracting text from the document.write function (which is the purpose of writing this app!)
Also this app has a more simple user-interface which is easier for the regular users. It has rather highly more beautiful graphics than other similar tools too!

DRS David Soft

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سلام، لطفا به من کمک کنید. این کد در قالب وبلاگ قرار داره که وقتی هست تبلیغات اضافی نمایش داده می شوند اما وقتی برداشته میشود تبلیغات می روند اما قسمتی از قالب به هم میریزد.

    DRS David Soft · ۱۳۹۲/۱۲/۲۸ at ۲:۴۳ بعد از ظهر

    از ابتدای خط سوم تا انتهای while(x=eval(x)); را در برنامه‌ی JSDecodeR کپی کنید. سپس برنامه سورس اصلی را دیکد خواهد کرد.

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سلام، چندبار تو یاهو پیام دادم اما فکر کنم سرت خیلی شلوغه. یک کمک ازت میخواستم… میتونی یه کدی بسازی که اگر مرورگر کروم نبود، پیام بده از مرورگر کروم استفاده کنید… می تونی؟

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