I have put here an archive of my old apps, which were created between 2005-2010. I’ve written most of them just for fun.

Please click here to browse my codes:
App Museum Files

Apps List:

DRS David Soft

لطفاً صفحه‌ی پروفایل من را بخوانید! Please check my Profile page!


Phill · ۱۳۹۳/۰۱/۲۴ at ۱:۴۳ قبل از ظهر

I did a few searching and found your App museum here. I have to admit, they are great, even they’re old!
By the way, if you are writing at other online sites, I’d like to follow anything fresh you have to post. Could you list of every one of all your community sites like your LinkedIn profile, Facebook page or twitter feed?

    DRS David Soft · ۱۳۹۳/۰۱/۲۴ at ۵:۲۳ بعد از ظهر

    Thanks, Phill!
    You can find my other programs and new apps at my works page.
    I do write fics and post some drawings in addition to my programming stuff 😉
    Just check the “Contact Me” page to access my Facebook profile and twitter feed.
    You can look me up by the name “DRS David Soft” on the LinkedIn, Stack Overflow, Wikia, DeviantArt, FanFiction.net and the other sites.
    Have a nice day and thanks for visiting my blog!

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