As you know, some of the scripts on a webpage may be encoded in so one can not directly edit or copy it. Therefore, you may need a tool to decode these encrypted scripts.

JSDecodeR is a fast and powerful tool which helps you decoding encrypted, packed and obfuscated JavaScripts codes! This tool is designed to decode most of these scripts, even if they are encoded several times and by multiple encoding tools.

« Click here to open the JSDecodeR! »

If you have any probelms or questions about the app, please visit the full article.

WARNING: This tool has to execute every script in the browser in order to decode it! If you think that the code could be dangerous, please use other similar tools which are provided in the full article.


This script is also available and hosted by: SourceForge Project’s Link
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JSnake Game Script

This is the classic Snake game which I’ve written using JavaScript ans some CSS3 for the designing.

Easy to personalize, theme design, internal code, and easy to play!

JSnake Main page

Demo – Play Now!

Any features can be added just by some few lines!
Any skins could be used with the powerful CSS3!
Any how can be played, either in a touch device, keyboard, joy stick, mouse, kinect, gyroscope, whatever. (Of course it needs external software.)

JSnake User Play

Tested and works in almost any browser.

Although The CSSes are written for webkit browsers (Chrome and Safari) at the moment.

More features will be add and bugs will be resolved soon in the future.

JSnake in demo mode

Map Design and Block types Help:
You can create a map using the Map Design toolbox. To do this, simply click on the block type you want to add, then click on the empty space you want to add the block.
Ctrl + Click will force the space to become that block type.
Double click will activate smart play. The snake will be automatically leaded to that point.

Types of Blocks:
Seed (Glowing green):
Gives the snake score and Increases the length.
Potion (Glowing pink): Can be defined to give Snake a super power, like crossing the blocks, or flashing the screen. Take a look at the source, It’s up to you.
Normal Block (Yellow): Avoid this kind of blocks. Game over is guaranteed!
Detour1 and Detour2 (Cyan): Forces the snake to turn around in a different direction.
Reverse (Purple): Replaces the snake’s head and butt.
Teleport (Blue): Transfers snake to another teleport station. Use two of this block type in your map.
Switch (Green or Red): Switches something on or off. For example, can hide Normal blocks temporarily.

After designing the map, you can generate a code for each type of block. Once again, click on the desired type into the toolbox, and then press “Generate Map”. Copy the code into a blank notepad file and do this for each of block types.

Download the source code

Contact me if you have any questions or suggestions!


This script is also available and hosted by: SourceForge Project’s Link | Your Javascript Source
Introduced in these Persian forums: | Majid Online | Pro Makers | Gem SoftP30 World | Persian Script | Moisrex | TakFal |

Day Counter Script

MicroCounter-ENMicroCounter Script
v1.1 – fixed a bug which caused ignoring units and miscalculating.

This script is based on the below code. The main structures have been improved and various new features is supported. Also, new themes have been added.


DRS Day Countdown Default Theme Demo

Day Countdown and Count up Script

This script calculates the exact difference between the current day and the Target day which you have entered.
You can use this script both as a Day Countdown and a Normal Counter wherever you like.

The demo of this script is available here:

No new updates will be available for this script possibly. The MicroCounter Script will be at the development instead.


  • Countdown and Count up
  • Ability to calculate Years, Months, Weeks, Days, Hours, Minutes ans Seconds individually
  • Calculating the seconds completely correct without any delays
  • Ability to use a Server’s time instead of the client’s time
  • Cool default theme designs
  • Easy CSS Designing for the styles
  • Ability to define blinking mode style when changing the numbers
  • Easy to use in frames
  • and much more features by using desired Plug-ins.

Note: Although this script is compatible with JS Libraries such as jQuery, but it is not required to load these libraries in order to just use the script. Therefore, the total size of the script is less than a few kilobytes.

Some of the predefined themes:
(Click to open a demo of them)

Mini Counter

Circular Calculate

Seven Segments LCD

Glass Theme

Please Send me an email,
If you have any questions or trouble how to personalize this script.

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