Smart Ads Remover Script

NoAds-DRSSurely enough, you have noticed how lame and annoying some ads on the net are.
These adverts usually waste a lot of space on your screen; and they can be hardly useful for you, right?One of the problems of free host users are these useless adverts.
So I decided to write an efficient and useful code to remove these adverts.This code allows you to prevent the ads to open on your blog or website.The script analyzes the web page for the possible places of adverts using the smart ad-scanning algorithm I’ve included in the main source, and make all of the found objects hidden. That way, it covers most of the service providers.

Attention: You are the one who is responsible for using this code!

« If you change even a small bit of the code, It won’t work! »

Get the Ads Remover Script:
Download Ads Remover Script

If this script is not correctly supported by your service provider or if you have any problem adding it, please don’t hesitate to contact me at my e-mail address:

Features: Unlike other similar scripts, this one has these features:

(Note: the * marked items are still in beta testing process and will be added to the future stable versions)

  1. Supports almost any websites and weblogs with just this code.
  2. * Ability to change the ads content, timing, position, theme and other options.
  3. * Ability to ask the user whether he/she wants each advert to open or not. (and respect to the service providers and users.)
  4. No need to jQuery or any other libraries, which means less size and more compatibility
  5. Finding the exact advert by its name, address, content, size, and position of it.
  6. Quick remove, and preventing of re-opening until the page is open.

Update: V 1.5.1 Released

  • Fixed a possible mistaken WordPress link
  • Code now removes ads instantly due to changing tracker script’s behavior

Update: V 1.5.0 Released

  • Embedded the extra CSS styles into the source code to be sure the ads will be removed
  • Fixed Blogfa Prevention problem
  • Fixed very Minor Bugs

Update: V 1.4.0 Released

  • Also searching in href and id, in addition to classes
  • Added Ability to define ads keywords
  • Fixed RozBlog removing ads problem
  • Now adding styles directly in addition to class names
  • In Re-Packaged mode: Removed CSS styles. (You can still add them manually.)
  • Fixed Minor Bugs

Update: V 1.3.0 Released

  • Support for many new Service Providers
  • Added Ability to close the Ads in only the desired domains
  • Added Ability to put a delay before closing the Ads (To prevent Account Suspension)
  • Added Ability to chose which Ads not to close (in case you are using your own ads)
  • Fixed removing non-ads sidebars mistakenly in some cases.
  • Fixed Rozblog not closing the Ads problem
  • Code cleaned and have made simpler
  • More speed at finding the Ads and closing them

Update: V 1.2.1 Released

  • Support for Chata Service Provider

Update: V 1.2 Released

  • Supporting more service providers
  • Cleaned up a bit, it’s now more clear to read the source
  • Added Ability to find the advert from its dimensions
  • Total preventing of opening any new ads all the time
  • Fixed some minor bugs

Update: V 1.1 Released

  • Fixed some bugs
  • More providers support
  • Clean Up

Project: V 1.0 Released

  • Initial Project released, only supporting Blogfa

** The version 2.0 will be released for public access soon. **

Source Code: The source code is available at GPL license here: Get the No Ads, Please! Source

Note: Recently, I’ve seen some useless people steal my work and put their names instead of mine. Also, some of them are selling my codes to clueless people!
Please note that this code in written only by DRS David Soft, and not anybody else.
Also, I declare this code is for free. You should NOT pay any fee to get this code!

All of the copyright violations are extremely prohibited and they will be punished under the law. For more information, please click here

I kindly ask you not to steal my codes.

Please do NOT copy this page on your blog/website!

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