New Domain

Domain Changed

Last Week I noticed that my old domain ( has been expired for no reason!
Unfortunately, in addition to using this domain for my e-mail address, all of my projects and accounts contained this domain!

A few days ago I registered the new domain ( and moved all of my contents here from the old web host.
BTW, .me stands for myself. Cool, Isn’t it? 😉

I think all I can do now is changing the old address at any projects and accounts I’ve ever made and registered!

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Theme Update


I’m working a bit on blog’s CSS to make a new look for 2014. I was bored of the old style!
This theme is based on one of WordPress original themes, but I’ve changed some of its structures and designs.

I hope you like the new skin better.

Setting up the New Weblog

This is the first post on my new personal weblog!
Due to the scattering of my websites on the net, I decided to register a new domain named in order to manage all of my websites and weblogs.
Hereafter, all of my contents in other old websites and weblogs will be moved here gradually.