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v1.1 – fixed a bug which caused ignoring units and miscalculating.

This script is based on the below code. The main structures have been improved and various new features is supported. Also, new themes have been added.


DRS Day Countdown Default Theme Demo

Day Countdown and Count up Script

This script calculates the exact difference between the current day and the Target day which you have entered.
You can use this script both as a Day Countdown and a Normal Counter wherever you like.

The demo of this script is available here:

No new updates will be available for this script possibly. The MicroCounter Script will be at the development instead.


  • Countdown and Count up
  • Ability to calculate Years, Months, Weeks, Days, Hours, Minutes ans Seconds individually
  • Calculating the seconds completely correct without any delays
  • Ability to use a Server’s time instead of the client’s time
  • Cool default theme designs
  • Easy CSS Designing for the styles
  • Ability to define blinking mode style when changing the numbers
  • Easy to use in frames
  • and much more features by using desired Plug-ins.

Note: Although this script is compatible with JS Libraries such as jQuery, but it is not required to load these libraries in order to just use the script. Therefore, the total size of the script is less than a few kilobytes.

Some of the predefined themes:
(Click to open a demo of them)

Mini Counter

Circular Calculate

Seven Segments LCD

Glass Theme

Please Send me an email,
If you have any questions or trouble how to personalize this script.

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