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Hi there! I’m David Refoua. My friends call me Dave.
I am 17 years old.

I’m a programmer and web designer. I began playing with computers since I was six and wrote my first program using Pascal to calculate average of numbers when I was nine. I’ve always been interested in the Electronics field, and done some projects too.
I’m currently a professional software developer, web designer, and graphic designer.

I also enjoy doing new things and learning stuff. My hobbies include playing piano, designing and drawing, writing stories, fanfics, and reading novels.

I spend my free time listening to music, reading novels, watching movies and animations, and playing video games.

Pop, rock, metal, and blues are my favorites, and I enjoy sci-fi, mystery, comedy, and romance movies.

By the way, I like to party!

I enjoy travelling to new places and exploring them.
I prefer going to beaches, forests, and mountains, rather than spending time in the boring dusty desert. Surfing and skiing are my favorite sports.

I love pizza, lasagna, grilled food, kebab, and steak.

But despite all of that, I spend most of my time in front of my PC! 😉
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